Quantity Guides

Get your order right

Our app was designed for chefs, who order very large quantities and whole boxes. You can choose to order in smaller, more home-friendly quantities.

When you select each product, you can toggle between UNIT and LB.

For this item Select this unit Suggested quantity for 2 people
Arugula LB 1 lb
Bananas LB 2 lb
Broccoli LB 1 lb
Cucumbers LB 1 lb
Fresh Beans LB 2 lb
Fresh Peas LB 0.5 lb
Little Gem Lettuce LB 0.5 lb
Mushrooms LB 0.25 lb
Peppers LB 1 lb
Spinach LB 2 lb
Sunchokes LB 0.25 lb
Tomatoes LB 2 lb
Zucchini LB 2 lb