What we do

Our mission is to revolutionize the food system. Working directly with over 400 small-scale growers and independent producers who put flavor first, we’ve shaped the way chefs cook in the most influential restaurants in London, Paris & New York for over a decade.

Until now our app has been exclusively available to chefs. For the first time, it’s now open to everyone - so you too can order radically seasonal fresh produce, chef-quality cheese, charcuterie and next level pantry essentials at a tap.

We are actively changing the way food is being farmed & supplied. Support sustainable farming practices and get chef-quality groceries with revolutionary flavor delivered straight to your door.

Our range is expanding daily, head to the App News feed to pick up our latest additions.
    We’ve brought together the things you need the most. By typing ‘Essentials’ into the Search bar, you can add things like lemons, dried beans and eggs to your basket in a couple of taps.
    Our fruit and vegetables come straight from independent growers across the US, both radically seasonal varieties as well as kitchen basics. Check out the Features section of TODAY to learn more about our peak season produce and community incredible growers, like the citrus specialists at Lindcove Ranch and cooking greens from Bodhitree Farm.
  • DELI
    We work directly with producers who share our dedication to transparency and revolutionary flavor. Our dairy comes from Ronnybrook in upstate New York, bread from She Wolf, cheese from Jumi and charcuterie from Journeyman Meats.
    Dried Greek herbs, flours and grains from Bellegarde Bakery and Sicilian cold-pressed olive oil - our pantry essentials come from small producers who use traditional methods and put sustainability first.